Ready for caricatures?

Ready for caricatures?

Although you all know I love dark photography and making dark creations, I am totally up to new things and making caricatures is one of them!

So are you ready for caricatures?

I started with our dog, who is such a fantastic model and he didn’t complain!


Then, of course, my wife had to be one of my “I will turn you in anything that will cross my mind”! And here you go:

Original model. Not bad huh!

Big eyes, big mouth, big boobs!

Golum Golum, with the precious!

Ready for caricatures?

I am Groot!

I am lucky enough to have friends who are always ready to play the game!

Another “Big eyes, big mouth, big boobs”!


Black Widow!




That was a ton of fun! I will bring all the equipment needed for making live ones at our next exhibition.

Update your calendar:

Albrook Mall, Panama Ciudad – August 19th and 20th

Be ready, fun is 2 weeks away…

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